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*** Andrès Orena***

Hello Andrès and Timeless, it is great to have you here for an interview. It is my first band from Chile and I am very exited to present your band to the German readers.

   Hi Susi, for us it is also exciting to the first interview after the launch of our first album Condenado (Condemned) is also the first interview I give half from outside our frontiers.

 1. Please introduce your band Timeless to my readers first.

   We are a rock band, we are from Talcahuano, Chile. We started to take the first steps towards the end of 2005, but began to work actively since 2008. There are 4 members (originally we were 6), and all come from different bands with different styles - Andres: Vocals and Keyboards (A.O.Cydonia / Hard Rock), David: Guitars (ex-Raising Hell / Heavy Metal), Cesar Roa: Bass Guitar (Daedeloth / Doom) and Miguel Torres: Drums (Nostradamus / Death Metal), and so we merge them to a hard rock a little harder.

2. What does Timeless stand for?

   Somehow try to pigeonhole our music is not at a particular time, but that people identify with different epochs, they discover influences of 70 and 80, with modern dyes and also move forward trying to make a difference.

   We have 3 guests on the album, Chilean musicians David Prats (S6xta Cuerda) and Ricardo Cortés (Svetlana), plus (thanks internet!) my good friend Mikael Carlsson, Swedish bassist Lover Under Cover who did a fantastic job in 4 cuts.

3. A high point in the career of the band was that you opened up for DEEP PURPLE last year. How did you run into this gig? And what are your special memories while thinking bout this concert?

   Sure... Talcahuano suffered a pretty devastating earthquake and tsunami on February 27, 2010, the city was pratically in ruins, but happily the most emblematic scene, the Coliseo La Tortuga, suffered no major damage, and the coming of Deep Purple is a commitment by authorities of the city, as it is the first time a rock band is so important, and somehow was to give joy to the people of the port of Talcahuano. When it became known that Timeless would support the band, the people of Talcahuano were happy, since it was the first time that a local band opening for someone so important. Received much support from our people and the media. We are not a well known band, the album did not come out yet, so we caused some surprise, because everyone asked "and those from which they came." There are very good bands in Chile, but we were the chosen ones, and it was a fantastic concert, people responded very well, Don Airey was in our soundcheck, talked to him, gave us some autographs, and when we left the scene, Don we went to see Roger Glover from the side of the stage and we were filming and taking photos, was an amazing moment. It's something that will never erase from our minds, because we played with the band more classic among classics currently active, was not born yet, and they were already famous! .. was amazing, we were next to one of our direct influence, and in the front row!

4. Please describe your new album in some short sentences to us. How would you try to convince the fans to listen to your music? 

   Butal Hard Rock, tell stories, dreams, myths and reality, it's just rock and roll direct, powerful and melodic. Maybe we have not invented anything new, we are simply honest. But deliver 100% in each of the 8 songs.

5. So your new album CONDENADO was released December 2011. Congratulations on this. So have you got some fan reactions on the new released album so far?

    That's right, there were many people waiting for the disk, including through the internet we have some fans in Spain, and did a very good critical review, which has us happy. Also, Richard, the lead singer of 7Puntas said "Condenado evoked the past, present and future, giving the same day that you hear is always going to sound like thunder, which is like a cannon".


6. What is your favourite song out of your new CD release?

   It is difficult that question, each song has its moment, but if I have to play me for one I think El Vuelo de la Libélula (Flight of the Dragonfly), which closes the album.

7. You have some upcoming shows in Chile starting at the end of January. So how do you prepare for your shows in general? And are there any overea concerts planned as well?

   That's right, at the end of January officially launched the album in a small bar called La Guarida del lobo (The Wolf's Lair), the first place they believed in us, so we want to somehow give back all these years of support, then we go to Los Angeles, a city of the province of Bío Bío we have never been, and will share the stage with the argentine Corazón Guerrero, with whom we will play the next day with Concepcion, in the Bío Bío Metal Fest, again with the argentines and other prominent local bands . So we're rehearsing several hours a week preparing some covers (Motorhead and UFO perhaps), some guests, and maybe do something acoustic, but that remains to be seen yet.

8. What is Timeless doing at the moment?

   Well, we live pretty far from Santiago, so it's a little hard to live music, but it's not too complicated we still, as we have our jobs and between that and the house, we take the time to rehearse and plan many things, we try to self-manage and that all goes well, have a good time and make good shows, because we go a step further, we show that since the end of the world can achieve something important. We want to be heard all over the world. Perhaps this can be like a dream, but if we don`t dream, we are dead.

9. Can you introduce us to the Chilean rock/metal scene please. For example how popular is this music in your hometown?

   Chile is now one of the best seats for concerts in South America, festivals are being made, but all are in Santiago, Lollapalooza, Machinery, Chile Metal Fest (will be held for the first time this year. I have understood that comes from the Wacken Open Air). And a Chilean producer wants to make some smaller festivals touring the cities of the south with bands from Argentina, Brazil and Chile. And that means somehow a rock revival of the country level, because they would create new possibilities and more spaces, which is essential for the development of culture and also promote tourism.

   On the other hand, my province is called "the cradle of rock Chile" as many bands and musicians important national born in this area, but eventually they all end up migrating because there are more possibilities to the center of the country.

   We are leading at this time along with other bands in the city a movement called AMUT (Talcahuano Musicians Association), which aims to ensure that the level of musicians, providing knowledge, giving opportunities to new bands, supporting and creating opportunities and scenarios worthy that all the talents to flourish. Costs, but if we all work together we can achieve something important.

10. The floor is yours. So please leave a final message for all your fans and my readers please.

   Thanks for being there all these years, "Condenado" is thanks to the support they have given us, it took a while, but this and the road is for you. Readers of Germany, the rock has no boundaries or language barriers, we are people living in the last land, but from here, from Chile, we want to share our music with you. We hope to be there someday and know the real birthplace of rock and the best beer.

Thank you very much for taking your time answering my questions. I wish you all the best and hope to have you here in Germany sometime soon, too. All best...

    Susi thank you very much, it is an honor to speak with you all the best for you.


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